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Service Menu

Gel polish additional
French extra
1. Classic pedicure
(Includes regular polish) Toes nails & cuticle trim, light purmice stone scrub and finished with soft leg & foot massage
2. Classic pedicure with Callus remover
(Includes regular polish) This option will include the classic pedicure in addition to a callus remover
3. Deluxe pedicure
(Includes regular polish) Upgrade your service with deluxe pedicure that will include sugar scrub that will exfoliate your skin a moisturizer cooler gel wrapped with hot towels and relaxing foot massage
4. Luxury pedicure
(Includes regular polish) This will include deluxe pedicure with hot stones massage and paraffin wax
5. Collegen pedicure
(Includes regular polish) This is will Includes all the pedicures above with collegen products including a collegen muscle relaxing gel with the sent of choice with a bath-bomb and detoxing crystals
6. Candle pearl pedicure
(Includes regular polish) This is will Include all the pedicures above with collegen products including a collegen muscle relaxing gel with the scent of choice with a bath-bomb and detoxing crystals ending with a scented soy wax candle massage

About Us

Experience a revitalizing retreat right in your neighborhood with Jenni Nails & Spa. Our spa caters to those who crave peace and rejuvenation amidst their busy lives. We understand that caring for yourself extends beyond nourishing meals, chic clothing, and regular groceries – it also involves indulging in restorative practices like the art of nail care. Located conveniently at “EL Paso”, Jenni Nails & Spa offers a world of serenity and style.

Jenni Nails & Spa located at 7106 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79912 is a local beauty nail salon that offers quality service including: Pedicure, Manicure, Nail Services, Addition Services and Waxing

The best nail salon in EL Paso

Jenni Nails & Spa EL Paso is a haven of luxury and tranquility, set apart by its distinctive vision of what a nail salon should be. More than a beauty service, we offer a sanctuary that respects and enhances your individual style. We bring a fresh, energetic vibe to the salon experience, balanced by a relaxing ambiance and a touch of modern elegance.

Revolutionizing the industry’s traditional image, we prioritize making our clients feel cherished and serene. Every visit to Jenni Nails & Spa in the 79912 area is an opportunity to escape and rejuvenate, to bask in the latest trends, and to enjoy our top-notch services.

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